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General terms and conditions of agreement

These General Terms and Conditions of agreement apply to all sales and deliveries of product through the www.pavaabags.com, which is opereted by Anita Varga.

The contracting parties are Anita Varga , as "seller" on the one hand,  and the person placing an order as "buyer" on the other hand, "Buyer" can be any person who acknowledges the present General terms and Conditions of Agrement and agrees to be obiged by Them. 

the process of purchasing
Buyer can place an order on the www.pavaabags.com, after completing the orderform, Buyes provides the details necessary for the execuiton of the order, for the delivery of the product and for billing.
Seller executes the order in accordance with the details provvided.
Buyer is liable for any damages arising from providing inaccurate or false data.
Seller is entitled to check the data provided by Buyer.
Buyer is liable for any possible costs arising fromthe adjustment data.
The  description, characteristics and price of the products are published by Seller on the product pages. The prices are in EURO. 

 By submitting the order, Buyer acknowlegdes the present general terms and conditions of agreement and agrees to be obliged by them. Seller files the order and hence it becomes qualified as a written agreement between the parties. 
The receipt of the purchase order is confirmed in an automatic e-mail  sent by Seller. The confirmaiton contains information on the number, pricenof the ordered items, the delivery method and billing addresses , the contact data of the buyer and any other written items of the purchase order. When handling the purchase order, Seller shall contact Buyer via email in order to agree on the conditions of executing the order.
Buyer can pay by paypal or credit card via the internet or can pay in the showroom if buyer sends the order via the internet.
We use the secure payment modul of  Banks.
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Buyer can terminate the agreement without reason within 8 days from the receipt ot the bag. Buyer can not exercise the right forterminating the agreement in the cases specifield by the 17/1999. (II.9) Government Act about agreements between distnat parties.  Buyer is odliged toannounce the termination in writing -email sent to the seller. In case Buyer has already payed the bag price, Seller pays backthe amount to the bank account provided by  Buyer within 30 working days fromthe announcement of the termination and the return of the bag. Buyer Buyer is obliged to return the bag to the address of the showroom in the original packing,undamaged. If Seller did not get bag back comlete packing and undamaged, is not obliged to pay back the purchase price, and redelivers the bag for Buyer on Buyer's change.
privacy policy
Seller demands exclusively such details that are indispensable for the order, delivery and billing. Seller uses the information provided by the Buyer exclusively for executing the order. We do not see  any sensitive, secret bank information, it works only via bank terminals.
 Only seller can access personal information of Buyers. Seller shares Buyer information only with subcontractors employed for executing the order - e.g. Magyar Posta Zrt.- and does not hand it over for third party.
 limitation of liability
Seller is not liable for mamages due to force majeure or due to events that are outside of Seller's control.
 the language of the "terms of use" between the parties is Hungarian
 All rights reserved  Pavaabags Anita Varga
 Use of the content of www.pavaabags.com pages in any way without the permission of Anita Varga prohibited.
Anita Varga

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email: pavaabags@pavabags.com
 Buyers can apply with complaints to Pavaa 's service via email pavaabags@pavaabags.com. All questions notregulated by this agreement shall be governed by low IV. 1959 on the civil code,by the Goverment  act 17/1999.(II.5.) on agreements between distant parties,and law CVIII. 2001 on certain aspects of online commerce and services relatedto information society. The agreement is valid 01.12.2017.

 Seller is entitled to amend the conditions and rules of purchase, as well as the present general terms and conditions of agreement unilaterally at any time, without notice of it or giving explanation.